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duskpeterson.com updated with stories and videos: lord/liegeman, slaves, prisoners, leather

Cover for Blood VowHe vowed himself to his god. Now the god is growing impatient . . . Blood Vow, a new fantasy novel about friendship, romance, and betrayal, has been posted at The Three Lands with an accompanying booktrailer video.
¶ m/m platonic feelings, m/f platonic feelings (subplot), m/f erotic attraction (subplot).

They are imprisoned until death, and their lives cannot get worse – or so they think. . . . The first two stories in a historical fantasy novel, Mercy's Prisoner, have been reposted at Life Prison.
¶ Parental supervision strongly suggested, m/m erotic attraction, m/m platonic feelings.

In a society where the rank of master or slave defines every aspect of a person's being, what do you do when you're a master and you envy your slaves? . . . A slavefic fantasy novella, The True Master, has been reposted at Master/Other.
¶ Parental supervision strongly suggested, m/m erotic attraction, m/m platonic feelings (subplot).

A potluck. A hamburger joint. A college waltz party. Perfect places for leathersex. . . . The next story installment is posted at Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, which has an accompanying booktrailer video.
¶ Adults only, m/m erotic attraction.

A grand master dies. . . . True Tales e-zine plays tribute to a major leather author, Larry Townsend, upon his death.
¶ Adults only, m/m erotic attraction.

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On the tenth anniversary of my arrival at Mercy Prison, I lay beneath my guard, trying to make my mind dwell on thoughts other than what he was doing to me.
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