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17th November 2010

savannacomer3611:49pm: just me
HEY!! thought you will like to know that Candi_Cruz its now live on dirtystage watch it now.. don miss it!

29th October 2010

duskpeterson11:16pm: Another year's worth of gay stories on power differences (2009-10)
Cover for Love in Dark Settings Omnibus 2010

Here's a full list of gay stories and friendship stories that I've posted online or published as e-books in the past year. They're original works of fantasy, historical fantasy, and contemporary fiction, which feature liegemen, servants, slaves, sailors, prisoners, bottoms, and/or 18-year-old students. As the boilerplate warning for all my stories puts it, "All of the stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there."

The list below shows both my online fiction and my e-books. If you'd like to buy an HTML e-book containing all of my writings as of July 2010 (over a million words of fiction and 30 collections of fiction recommendations and nonfiction), visit Love in Dark Settings Omnibus. If there are any topics you prefer not to read about, be sure to read the warnings I link to.

If you prefer to browse by series or story cover, you can visit my home page. If you want to, you can Friend my blog or sign up for my updates e-mail list. The list of this year's storiesCollapse )

18th July 2010

duskpeterson4:55pm: duskpeterson.com update: New gay prisoner stories, leather fiction, & story recs
The highlights:

He had awoken, on that day after, to find himself lying alone in bed. ¶ Two volumes in the Eternal Dungeon historical fantasy series are posted.
"The police were inclined to think of me as the victim, since I had been bound." He gave what Melody referred to as his shark's smile. "Their mistake." ¶ The beginning of a new serialized leather novel in the Loren's Lashes series is posted, with an accompanying e-book.
—A new edition of Love in Dark Settings Omnibus is published, and an update is posted to the story recommendations at Buried Treasure.

The details.

8th June 2010

duskpeterson3:12am: Edgeplay in Mayhill (serialized gay M/s novel)
In 1965, Loren was initiated into the mysteries of leather by a motorcyclist passing through his isolated Midwestern town. Twenty years later, he is owner of the town's gay bar, which serves as a leather bar after hours. He is a master, trained to control and discipline men.

If only he could convince other leathermen of this fact. Having given up hope of ever finding someone who will submit to him, Loren is forced to content himself with secret fantasies. Then he meets the perfect man for his fantasies: handsome, uniformed, full of confidence and strength. But Loren doesn't realize that Ken holds secrets which will initiate them both into a new mystery. . . .

Leather life in a rural town is explored in this series, which looks back on an earlier era. In a time and place where being gay is reason enough to be arrested, the leathermen of Mayhill struggle to keep their small community alive.

(Weekly notices of new chapters will be posted at my blog.)

From the back came a quiet voice. "The master makes the slave happy."

19th September 2009

duskpeterson3:27pm: One year's worth of gay stories on power differences (2008-9)
Cover for Transformation

Here's a full list of the gay and male friendship stories I've posted/reposted/published in the past year that have dark settings (imprisonment, slavery, prostitution, or war), or feature servants or liegemen. As the boilerplate warning for all my stories puts it, "All of the stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there."

With one exception (marked below), all of these stories are available free online. If you'd like to buy an HTML e-book containing all of my writings as of April 2009 (700,000 words of fiction and 28 collections of fiction recommendations and nonfiction), visit Love in Dark Settings Omnibus. If there are any topics you prefer not to read about, be sure to read the warnings.

If you prefer to browse by series or story cover, you can visit my home page. If you want to, you can Friend my blog or sign up for my updates e-mail list. Read more...Collapse )

15th June 2009

toys_for_t_boys8:06pm: toys?
hey there.
The reason I am posting this here is because in the last few years these lj communities have done nothing but good for me, so this is me giving back.

First, a bit about me..
I am currently 1 year and 6 months into medical transition. I take 100 mg of injectable testosterone every ten days. I am 3 months post chest reconstruction surgery. Since starting on hormones my entire sexual world has opened and my likes/dislikes have changed completely. With my ever changing body I am more in tune to explore and that's why I am here.. to share my experiences. Basically I took another job up.. testing out sex toys. I have created this on-line journal in order to post about toys I have tested in order to broaden a perspective from someone who identifies as FTM. There are many sex toys out there and the growing trans community seems to be at a loss as to what might better work for their bodies and minds. I would like to be another voice in the mix to help people who might need a reference. If you'd like to add me ([info]toys_for_t_boys) please feel free. I promise I wont fill your page with loads of crap, as I really only do about 3 reviews a week. Usually under cuts as to not take up too much space. anyway, I hope my reviews help in your search for the perfect toy!
ps. I just got started on this project so there really isn't much to read yet.

x-posted. Apologies if you see this a few times.

6th May 2009

duskpeterson12:55am: Pleasure (gay erotic fiction)
Cover for Pleasure

Egon had a position that won him respect, friends who raised his spirits, and lovers who gave him pleasure. Then a man came into his life who would take all that away from him. If Egon was lucky.

Note: This is an expanded version of my 2003 novella; Chapter Five is new.

Halvar leaned forward; his eyes were the color of an arctic sky. "I am not a fool, Egon," he said softly, "so do not treat me as such."

12th April 2009

duskpeterson1:17am: April 2009 duskpeterson.com update: New historical fantasy & recs
Cover for Hell's Messenger

The highlights:

—Now available in a single e-book: all of the fiction, nonfiction, and fiction recommendations at Love in Dark Settings.
"'Sentenced to sixty lashes of the leaded whip. Sentence commuted to a transfer to Compassion Life Prison.'" Keeper raised his eyebrows. "That's the first time I've ever heard a transfer to this prison described as a commutation. We'll assume that that particular phrasing was meant as a joke." ¶ Two stories are posted from Hell's Messenger, a new volume of the Life Prison series.
It was when Michael's voice went flat and his face drained of expression that Janus would begin to worry. ¶ The final parts are posted of the male prostitution novel, Whipster.
Rudd, who had watched Meredith through narrowed eyes for the first week or two, gradually lost interest in scrutinizing the activities of his fag. ¶ An excerpt is posted from a new retrofuture series, Prison City.
—Books, films, and online resources are recommended at a new bibliography: Retrofuture: Visions of the Future, 1945-1975.
—Online fiction and memoirs are recommended at Buried Treasure: Online Male Homoerotic Stories and Male Friendship Stories and at the Turn-of-the-Century Toughs bibliography.

Fiction | Reviews | Other people's fiction and narratives | General announcements and upcoming fiction.

8th April 2009

duskpeterson2:09am: Love in Dark Settings Omnibus: 700,000 words of gay fiction, gay love stories, and gay erotica
Cover for Love in Dark Settings Omnibus

For the price of a hardback, you can buy Love in Dark Settings Omnibus, a zipped HTML e-book with all of Dusk Peterson's fiction: 700,000 words (3 novels, 10 novellas, 4 novelettes, and 12 short stories) of suspenseful fantasy, historical fantasy, contemporary fiction, friendship fiction, heterosexual love stories, original gen, original het, original slash, hurt/comfort, darkfic, gay fiction, gay erotic love stories, gay erotica, and leather fiction. It's the equivalent of a 2000-page anthology.

As a bonus, the e-book also includes 28 collections of fiction recommendations and nonfiction, including annotated lists of hundreds of novels, short fiction, and memoirs, online and in print: friendship fiction, gay fiction and erotica, original slash and yaoi, leather fiction, Victorian and Edwardian writings, science fiction, fantasy, historical fantasy, and historical fiction.

Sample passage from the historical fantasy novel Whipster:

Without looking at Michael, he said, 'I was drunk that day.'Collapse )

Ordering information and to preview the e-book contents.

19th March 2009

balefultickle1:20am: I am very much in the mood to write something BDSM related, or at least something with heavy BDSM overtones. Likely the erotic activities of two characters behind closed doors.

My problem? I can't think of a plot at all. Simply "Here are two characters, and they get their whip on, the end" isn't that intriguing. If there's no tension, no conflict, there is no story; it just becomes a transcript of a scene.

I could perhaps get a plot, but neither can I think of a setting/circumstance where you could have BDSM overtones/inject BDSM into an existing framework in a compelling manner. It's obvious to drop it into say, an office environment, or the military, but I don't want to go that approach. (Among other things, I like certain clothing, and definitely want to have a corset pop up, which is hard to have in either a military connotation or in an office setting).

I'm not familiar with too much BDSM erotica. And I want to put this mood to good use, rather than have it wither while I try to read up/stew for a few days on what to do.

Any suggestions or thoughts that might help me get my brain moving?

27th October 2008

duskpeterson2:40pm: One year's worth of gay powerfic
Cover for Debt Price

Here's a full list of the gay and male friendship stories I've posted/reposted in the past year that deal with BDSM/leather, have dark settings (imprisonment, slavery, war, or prostitution), or feature servants, liegemen, apprentices, or mentors. As the boilerplate warning for my stories puts it, "All of the stories feature love or respect, though sometimes it takes a while to get there."

Links to the storiesCollapse )

30th September 2008

michelle9996:30pm: Thinking about him... (continuation to His Shower)

It wasn’t just that she was thinking about him. She was planning for him. As he read her latest text message:


I’m in the art room- thinking of ways to draw you nude.


She was sitting on the low, grey-blue from the years of charcoal dust, tattered couch, analyzing how the light hit the platform, the easels and where the shadows would cast themselves over his body. Her mind wandered over his curves, placing his hips here, his wrists there, much in the same way she’d analyzed the green bedroom, before restraining him with velvet ties and shutting out the sun, to fuck him. If she could be sure they wouldn’t be interrupted, the things she would try in here.


Against the back wall three rows of shelves climbed to the ceiling. The waiting supplies drew her attention, made her contemplate using him as a living canvas. Without telling him what she wanted, she would coax him to this room, the only light coming in dim streams from the closed indoor window, as he gave her a long suffering, hesitant look and removed his clothes in the darkness. With her body, she pressed him up against the easel, soft hands caressing up his chest, and nails dragging gently across his back, sighing under her fingertips as he felt the rasp of paper trapped between his shoulders and the easel. With one long finger, she trailed a path down his left shoulder, bicep, turning with her touch his inner forearm, the lines at his wrist and into his palm. At his hand, her mouth found the inner dip of his wrist, her tongue tracing a moist, circling journey to the center of his palm then out, tasting his thumb, before encasing it in the soft confines of her mouth. His thumb, like his dick, throbbed, and he pumped it deeper, closer to the back of her throat, rough against the velvet warm wetness of her mouth. She captured his hand after the third thrust- retreat, and treated his index finger to slow entrapment. Just the tip, her tongue tracing slow around the first bend of his knuckle, then sliding down to moisten the knuckle, before following her tongue and drawing him deeper onto her tongue, until his whole finger buried itself against her tongue and teeth and she looked up.


Up she came, pushing his hand out of her mouth and above his head onto the scuffed and painted wood of the easel. From the floor, she retrieved a blue roll of artists tape, that she wound around, and around his wrist, binding one hand to the easel, before grasping his other hand, taping it also above his head, leaving him splayed out before her, exposed and a little more nervous. His token struggle, after she stepped back to watch, became more serious as the tape, wound around and around, didn’t tear. His hips thrust up and forward, and his neck twisted back to look at his hands-- I love it when you struggle, I can feel it clear into my cunt-- before slumping down, thighs apart, annoyed and excited.

Current Mood: geeky
michelle9996:28pm: His Shower (gender queer/play erotica)

He thought about her as the shower head poured over his scalp, rinsing away with its heat, a little bit of the exhaustion that had been weighing him down all week. All week? All month, maybe all year-- or at least since she left and he began to take on an extra hour, after extra hour at work. Their conversation of minutes ago, washed over him.


Foreplay. Breasts. Cunt. Slut. Lips.


His breathing stammered as he thought about her lips uttering those words.


Pink. Nipples. Dick. Cock. Clit. Lick. Suck.


His stomach twisted around the visual of her on her knees before him, licking his dick, his clit. He remembered the way her mouth and tongue formed around him, and the vibrations of Fuck Me, echoing up from his groin, a shock, into his brain. 


He thought about the smooth weight of her breasts in his hands, as he pushed her up against the shower wall, sliding her legs apart to grind his pelvis into the warm wetness of her cunt, as his fingers mashed into her breasts, twisting roughly at each nipple, causing her to moan and arch against him. His hands followed the curve of her collarbone, smoothing down the length of her torso, catching palms on her nipples, causing her to bite her lower lip and groan so deeply, arching into him. Finally, his hands reached her pelvic mound and sliding down, and under, over her lips, holding them together as she bucked up against his palm, desperate for his fingers to slip past her outer lips, to just… to just touch her clit and maybe she would come.


 If only he would touch her.


But right now, no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t touch her. It made his clit--his hard cock-- ache with longing. Longing for her to fuck him, as he wanted to fuck her. Senseless, and so hard both their arms gave out and they collapsed against the bottom of the shower. Since he couldn’t fuck her, right now, he would have to fuck himself, bury their purple toy inside his body, dreaming of her holding him against the wall and fucking it deep inside him.


 She would first slide the middle finger of her right hand against his lips, then fuck her index finger into his mouth, as her left hand twisted her way between his lower lips, then with gentle force coaxing her finders into him, coating her fingers in his wetness, before sliding in the bulge of the purple toy.


In. Out. In. Out.


 Out clear to the tip, then fucked back in, as her wet fingers slowly popped into his ass, filling him completely. He rocked against her fucking, grinding, pushing, pulling, against this building need circling wet paths across his sensitive head, then deeply, deeply, driven into him.


As her knees hit the ground and her mouth found his clit, the small circles, flicks, licks, circles, bore down on his resolve and all his attention focused on the womyn hooked so deeply inside of him. His ass being pumped by her two twisting, pulling-pushing fingers, while his hole filled and emptied on the purple silicone, in the clashing rhythm of being filled, of being hammered from below with her tongue twisting around, around, over, around, over, and over his dick, pushed him over the edge. As her mouth closed over his dick and her fingers pumped once more into him, he came, bursting and fucking and humping into her mouth, her fingers, her palm.


He slumped against the shower wall, slowly sliding down it’s wet surface, before pulling his fingers and toy out of his body.


God I miss her. I wonder if she’s thinking about me.


She was.

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27th September 2008

hardthrob11:51pm: Fantasy
I posted this on my journal this week...thought I would share it here as well. :)

This is my biker-cock/river setting/anonymous fantasy. Written from a first person point of view, other man will be he/his, etc.

Read my story. NC-17, m/m, oral, anal.Collapse )
Current Mood: horny

15th September 2008

duskpeterson9:03pm: Hurricane issue of True Tales: erotic gay art, fiction, and nonfiction
The September 2008 issue (adults only) of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power is devoted to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. You can read an editorial on the Galveston County prisoners; peruse an essay by Daddy James that was written on the eve of Hurricane Ike; hear how the hurricanes have been affecting the gay, leather, bear, and pansexual BDSM communities; and view bittersweet erotic art.

Plus, hurricane porn.

7th August 2008

duskpeterson7:18am: duskpeterson.com updated with stories and videos: lord/liegeman, slaves, prisoners, leather
Cover for Blood VowHe vowed himself to his god. Now the god is growing impatient . . . Blood Vow, a new fantasy novel about friendship, romance, and betrayal, has been posted at The Three Lands with an accompanying booktrailer video.
¶ m/m platonic feelings, m/f platonic feelings (subplot), m/f erotic attraction (subplot).

They are imprisoned until death, and their lives cannot get worse – or so they think. . . . The first two stories in a historical fantasy novel, Mercy's Prisoner, have been reposted at Life Prison.
¶ Parental supervision strongly suggested, m/m erotic attraction, m/m platonic feelings.

In a society where the rank of master or slave defines every aspect of a person's being, what do you do when you're a master and you envy your slaves? . . . A slavefic fantasy novella, The True Master, has been reposted at Master/Other.
¶ Parental supervision strongly suggested, m/m erotic attraction, m/m platonic feelings (subplot).

A potluck. A hamburger joint. A college waltz party. Perfect places for leathersex. . . . The next story installment is posted at Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers, which has an accompanying booktrailer video.
¶ Adults only, m/m erotic attraction.

A grand master dies. . . . True Tales e-zine plays tribute to a major leather author, Larry Townsend, upon his death.
¶ Adults only, m/m erotic attraction.

Subscribe to my updates lists or blogs. Click the link below for longer story summaries:

On the tenth anniversary of my arrival at Mercy Prison, I lay beneath my guard, trying to make my mind dwell on thoughts other than what he was doing to me.

2nd August 2008

duskpeterson3:03pm: Larry Townsend tribute issue at True Tales e-zine
The August 2008 issue of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power links to texts, photography, and a video in tribute to Larry Townsend, late author of The Leatherman's Handbook. The issue includes links to interviews by Jack Rinella and Bob Wingate, as well as writings by Larry Townsend, Thomas Roche, Jack Fritscher, and others.

For adults only.
E-zine's warning page | Latest issue.

1st June 2008

duskpeterson10:55pm: Story and video: "Leather, Licking, and Lawnmowers"
Cover for Leather, Licking, and LawnmowersLeather, Licking, and Lawnmowers takes leathersex out of its usual bars and back alleys, setting it in unexpected locations: A 5&10. A potluck. A hamburger joint. A college waltz party. Even when the leatherman who narrates these stories returns to the Eagle bar, things don't go quite the way he expected. . . .

Written by the former director of the Erotic Authors Association, who is also editor of True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power, this five-tale gay erotica collection includes the story "Spontaneous," runner-up for the 2006 Rauxa Prize for Erotic Fiction.

Note: This is an adults-only BDSM e-book that I'm serializing on the Web. The first story is online now, and you can also watch the booktrailer video. Click on the link at the bottom of this post and scroll down a bit for the online edition. If you want to receive notices of when the next story is posted, please Friend my blog or join one of my e-mail lists: duskpetersonupdate (with plain-text posts of my fiction) or duskpetersonbooks (announcements only).

Thinking about it, I've decided that bringing Jell-O to a gathering of leathermen wasn't my big mistake. My big mistake was bringing it on the night that Master Trent was attending.

11th December 2007

duskpeterson7:05am: True Tales - December 2007 issue: Military Men & Leathermen
Links lead to an adults-only site.

Links on the Military Men page have been added to stories by Ranger, Parhelion, and Marquesate that are set around the conflicts in World War One, World War Two, and the modern British army.

Links on the Leathermen page have been added to bondage art that is an exercise in minimalism, an article about a bottom-man's efforts to overcome a phobia, and a video about power play that starts in a leather bar.

Next year's theme will be Prisoners and Prison Officers. (Yes, the 2008 theme has changed. There have been some good stories coming out in this category recently.) Please e-mail me if you have any suggestions for links to gay erotic and non-erotic narrative nonfiction, fiction, narrative poetry, drama, book excerpts, blog entries, art, photography, videos, and audio. The links can be to your own works or anyone else's. Suggestions for links to military and leather works continue to be welcome. Take a look at past issues to see what types of works True Tales links to.

Link submission guidelines.

22nd December 2006

duskpeterson10:23pm: Four finalists for the Rauxa Prize for Erotic Writing
Four gay, bisexual, and transgender works from my online magazine True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power were finalists for this year's Rauxa Prize for Erotic Writing, so I'm listing them all in this post. (Press release describing how the works came to be written and published.)

Read more...Collapse )

12th December 2006

duskpeterson10:04pm: Turn-of-the-Century Toughs (booktrailer & music video)
Disreputable men on the margins of society, and the men and women who love them. Trailer and music video to three of my historical fantasy novel series: The Eternal Dungeon, Life Prison, and Michael's House. The novels are set in a world based on the late Victorian and Edwardian Eras.

Story codesCollapse )

The trailer comes in two versions. The first version (which you can watch online or download) is suitable for viewing by most teenagers and adults. The second version (which you can only download) contains brief mature content. The trailer is accessible to the deaf.

Watch the trailer online. (This page has an embedded video and therefore may take a while to download if you have a slower Internet connection.)

Download the trailer.

(Comments are disabled because there's a link at the end of the story to a LiveJournal blog where you – and members of other LJ communities where this notice is posted – may post comments.)

11th December 2006

duskpeterson5:56am: STORY: Leatherdar
Leatherdar. By Dusk Peterson (author's Website, author's fiction LJ, author's gay leather LJ).

"I don't know what to call the way I can always pick out those guys in a crowd. My friend Martin calls it 'gaydar,' which leads to us having long arguments over whether being able to tag a guy who doesn't know he's gay counts as gaydar.

"Master Trent has another word for it. He calls it 'corruption.'"

A leatherman goes on the hunt at a college ballroom dance.

D/s in the form of a waltz.

[Comments are disabled because there's a link at the end of the story to a LiveJournal blog where you – and members of other LJ communities where this notice is posted – may post comments. LJ-cut for any moderators who may need to edit this entry.Collapse )]

2nd December 2006

duskpeterson9:57pm: Gay military story & photos at True Tales e-zine
Death, danger, and desire are a potent combination, as generations of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen have shown. This year, True Tales: An Erotic E-zine of Masculinity and Power looks at the long-running tradition of homoeroticism in the military. Read more...Collapse )

9th November 2006

duskpeterson8:25pm: STORY: Life Prison
Life Prison. By Dusk Peterson (author's Website, author's fiction community LJ, and author's leather fiction community LJ). In the unmerciful world of Mercy Prison, there is no rule but unending pain. For Merrick, the arrival of his new guard provides hope that he may break beyond the boundaries of his life prison. But appearances can be deceptive, and Merrick does not yet recognize the danger this guard poses to his future.

Story codes and warningsCollapse )

(Comments are disabled because there's a link at the end of the story to a LiveJournal blog where you – and members of other LJ communities where this notice is posted – may post comments.)

On the tenth anniversary of my arrival at Mercy Prison, I lay beneath my guard, trying to make my mind dwell on thoughts other than what he was doing to me.

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