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His Shower (gender queer/play erotica)

He thought about her as the shower head poured over his scalp, rinsing away with its heat, a little bit of the exhaustion that had been weighing him down all week. All week? All month, maybe all year-- or at least since she left and he began to take on an extra hour, after extra hour at work. Their conversation of minutes ago, washed over him.


Foreplay. Breasts. Cunt. Slut. Lips.


His breathing stammered as he thought about her lips uttering those words.


Pink. Nipples. Dick. Cock. Clit. Lick. Suck.


His stomach twisted around the visual of her on her knees before him, licking his dick, his clit. He remembered the way her mouth and tongue formed around him, and the vibrations of Fuck Me, echoing up from his groin, a shock, into his brain. 


He thought about the smooth weight of her breasts in his hands, as he pushed her up against the shower wall, sliding her legs apart to grind his pelvis into the warm wetness of her cunt, as his fingers mashed into her breasts, twisting roughly at each nipple, causing her to moan and arch against him. His hands followed the curve of her collarbone, smoothing down the length of her torso, catching palms on her nipples, causing her to bite her lower lip and groan so deeply, arching into him. Finally, his hands reached her pelvic mound and sliding down, and under, over her lips, holding them together as she bucked up against his palm, desperate for his fingers to slip past her outer lips, to just… to just touch her clit and maybe she would come.


 If only he would touch her.


But right now, no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t touch her. It made his clit--his hard cock-- ache with longing. Longing for her to fuck him, as he wanted to fuck her. Senseless, and so hard both their arms gave out and they collapsed against the bottom of the shower. Since he couldn’t fuck her, right now, he would have to fuck himself, bury their purple toy inside his body, dreaming of her holding him against the wall and fucking it deep inside him.


 She would first slide the middle finger of her right hand against his lips, then fuck her index finger into his mouth, as her left hand twisted her way between his lower lips, then with gentle force coaxing her finders into him, coating her fingers in his wetness, before sliding in the bulge of the purple toy.


In. Out. In. Out.


 Out clear to the tip, then fucked back in, as her wet fingers slowly popped into his ass, filling him completely. He rocked against her fucking, grinding, pushing, pulling, against this building need circling wet paths across his sensitive head, then deeply, deeply, driven into him.


As her knees hit the ground and her mouth found his clit, the small circles, flicks, licks, circles, bore down on his resolve and all his attention focused on the womyn hooked so deeply inside of him. His ass being pumped by her two twisting, pulling-pushing fingers, while his hole filled and emptied on the purple silicone, in the clashing rhythm of being filled, of being hammered from below with her tongue twisting around, around, over, around, over, and over his dick, pushed him over the edge. As her mouth closed over his dick and her fingers pumped once more into him, he came, bursting and fucking and humping into her mouth, her fingers, her palm.


He slumped against the shower wall, slowly sliding down it’s wet surface, before pulling his fingers and toy out of his body.


God I miss her. I wonder if she’s thinking about me.


She was.

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