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I posted this on my journal this week...thought I would share it here as well. :)

This is my biker-cock/river setting/anonymous fantasy. Written from a first person point of view, other man will be he/his, etc.

I pull up into the parking lot at the river, stopping in the spot nearest the walk-path down toward the water. It's a beautiful Saturday morning; the sun is shining, a cloud here or there, bright blue sky, animals out and about, exploring the brush for food. I lift my bike out of the trunk, grabbing my running shoes, and lock the car. There's a cast-iron bench by the bathroom and water fountains, where I sit to put on my shoes and make sure my bike is good to go. A couple of biker guys ride past me, and I glance up just in time to watch them turn on to the path, meandering their way closer to the water. Their tight butts sway as they peddle along the dirt, stirring it up. I grin and turn back to my bike, trying to stay focused on the task at hand and not on the firm cheeks encased in those snug black biker-shorts.

I hop on my bike, peddling in the same direction. As I pick up speed, I adjust my position, standing on the peddles for more leverage, the jeans of my crotch grazing over the tip of my seat with every push of my legs. I can feel the blood starting to course through my veins, pulsing through my muscles, my body warming up and rushing with adrenaline. The trees, bushes, and rocks surrounding the path hardly hold my attention as my tires fly over the dirt, moving further and further from the more populated area. There are plants and boulders on all side as I wind my way deeper into nature, eventually turning off the main path onto a shortcut leading down alongside the river, racing with the water. This route is less traveled since it's rather narrow for bikers to get through in some spots without worrying about slipping down into the waves, but that's why I like it. It's quiet, deserted, and peaceful. Only the occasional jogger or hiker goes by, taking pleasure in the sounds of the water while they workout.

But not today...as I come up against the water, inches from the rushing ripples, I spot someone further ahead, maybe 30 yards. He's pumping his legs, ass swinging slightly above the seat. I ogle his backside, hoping he doesn't notice me coming up behind him. His dark blue jean cargo shorts billow as the air whips against him, cooling his hot and sweaty skin. How I'd love to be that wind right now, wrapping myself around him, caressing his skin. I frown; it looks like his back tire is wobbling...

I speed up my peddling, trying to pull up next to him, so I can let him know he might want to take a look at his rear tire...and maybe a look or two at the front view of those jean shorts. He looks back as he hears me pulling up behind him, and I finally get a look at his face. Wonderful blue eyes, five o'clock shadow, dark hair, and the perfect little dimple on one cheek. I control the urge to stare and point out his wobbling tire; he looks kind of puzzled and starts to slow down. I start putting on my breaks to pull over with him; I carry a small bag set of the essential bike care items attached to the frame of my bike...small pump, small wrench, little oil, etc. He skids to a stop in a nearby clearing with some bushes, sand, lots of boulders, and tall trees on all sides. I stop my bike and lean it against the nearest boulder and offer to provide any tools he might need to fix the faulty tire. He grins, glad to have someone out here to help. If I hadn't been here, he would have had to walk back to the parking area, pulling an uncooperative bike beside him.

He says it appears to just be a little loose, so I pull out the small wrench from my safety bag, handing it to him...my finger tips brushing against the palm of his hand as I settle it in his grip. I give a small grin, testing his reactions...he gives a big smile back, and I think "Lucky me...out here all alone..." He begins to work on his bike, and I start to make flirty small talk, working my way closer and closer. He's smiling, tightening the tire, adjusting things, while flirting back at me...watching me make my way closer to him. He's definitely getting the hint, hook, line, and sinker. I can't help thinking he needs to hurry up and finish using that wrench, screwing things tighter on the bike and just screw ME already.

He finishes up with the tire, testing it's sturdiness, and finally stands back up...his eyes trailing from my shoes, up my legs, settling on my crotch...eventually moving up again, over my solid torso, to my face. He hands me the wrench back, and I reach my left hand out to take it...he slips it into my grasp but holds my hand in place. I feel my cock jump, hoping he's planning on doing a lot more than just serious flirting. He leans over to whisper in my ear, still holding onto my hand, pulling it close against his hard chest. "I've never been very good with subtlety, so I'm just going to be direct...I want to fuck you senseless so bad right now." I hold back a gasp as his words flow over me, my cock pressing tightly against the confinement of my jeans. I've never been one for amazing verbal responses when I'm all worked up, so I decide to show my agreement of his plan. I give him a sly grin, stepping even closer, sliding my right hand over his chest, the other one slipping out of his grasp for me to place on his hip. He breaks out the biggest grin, grasping his hands around my waist, pulling my hips against his, cock to cock. My right hand travels up his chest, wrapping around his neck, and I draw him into a kiss, our lips meeting, all passion, lips, tongue, and teeth in a sensuous battle for control.

He pushes into me, stepping forward...and I step back, following his lead. A second later I feel my back pressed hard against a tree, the bark biting into my skin under my thin t-shirt. I moan as he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth, nibbling at it. His hands on my hips hold me in place as I do everything I can to get closer to his hot skin. I slide my hands under the hem of his shirt, smoothing them over the slick skin of his back and reveling in the feel of rippling muscles. I can feel his hard bulge against my thigh while he pressed into me, the jeans clinging to the magnificent gift I can't wait to unwrap. I grab the bottom of his shirt, urging him to step back for a moment so I can pull it over his head. He grins again, watching me squirm against the tree, barely containing my need for his cock. He gives a slight chuckle, reaching for my shirt, wanting to make things equal. I feel it pulled over my head, and it's dropped to the ground on top of his. I suggest we re-situate ourselves...on something that isn't covered in bark. There's a large flat boulder a few feet to our left, and I lead him over to it. I lean back on its warm surface, pulling him on top of me. I push my hands under the waistband of his jean shorts, his strong arm holding his weight over me. I grip his ass, pulling him forward for his hardness to press against my own as we resume our kissing. I push my hips up against his, applying sweet pressure to both our throbbing pricks, thrusting against each other for several minutes.

My hands slide out from inside his shorts, sliding over his back, along his sides, and coming to rest on the stunning trail of hair from his belly button to his throbbing manhood. I tickle the hairs with my fingertips as he sucks on my neck, my head thrown back in pleasure. He licks his way to my Adam's apple, suckling on it and nipping at the flesh. I groan, unable to control myself any longer. I push gently against his abs with my hands, trying to signal him I want him to lift up again. He pulls back and looks at me questioningly. I lick my lips, sliding my hands down his trail of hair, finally landing on the button of his jeans. Realization spreads across his face as he backs up a step, giving me room to work. I dip my head forward, placing kisses on his chest, sucking on bits of skin, nibbling here and there. I wrap my lips around one of his nipples, sliding my tongue over the tip and circling it like a lollipop and my hands work on undoing the button on his pants. His hands are on my ass, kneading my cheeks and scraping his nails along my jeans. I give his nipple one last nip and focus all of my attention further south.

I slowly kneel in front of him, dragging my tongue down his treasure trail, eventually reaching his bulging shorts. I glance up at him...his eyes are trained on my face, anxiously waiting to see what I'll do next, hands running through my hair. I reach out with my right hand, groping over his jean-clad erection, scratching my nails against the fabric. I study the open button, getting a peek at his jockstrap showing through. I keep working my hand along his dick, slowly working it lower to gently massage over his swollen balls through the thick material. My left hand reaches up to pull down his zipper...only half way. I want to torture him, make him want to fuck me more than anything in the world. Now there's more of his underwear showing, and I can see the base of his cock underneath. I dip my head forward, nuzzling up against him. I open my mouth, sucking against his jockstrap, applying light pressure above the base of his cock. I run my tongue lower, directly over the base, the only part of cock I can reach just yet. I suck on it, nipping and grazing my teeth over the sweat drenched fabric. I remove my right hand from his bulge, and use to undo the rest of his zipper.

I stop teasing him with my mouth, so I can use my hands to work his shorts lower on his hips and down around his knees. I encourage him to shift around so he is the one with his back to the boulder. Once i am sure he won't suddenly topple over, I resume teasing him through his underwear. Sucking, nipping, licking. I blow air against his balls, sweat going cold, providing a little shock to his system. I feel his hands grip my shoulders, holding me in my kneeling position...as if I would ever want to stop. Unable to continue the sweet torture any longer, I wrap my fingers around the top of his waistband, slowly working his jockstrap down, down around his knees to join his shorts. And oh my god, what a lovely thing to unwrap. The second the band passes the bulk of his cock, it jumps out, bobbing in front of my face in all its magnificent glory. He must have enjoyed the look of surprise on my face, chuckling slightly and giving me a sexy look. I bite my bottom lip, so fucking hard in my jeans just thinking about him blasting cum all over me. I reach out with my right hand, lightly grasping his throbbing dick in my hand, watching in fascination as a drop of precum dribbles out. I give him one last look, then give in to my oral fixation, my love of sucking cock and drinking cum.

I shift closer, lining my mouth up with his juicy prick. I lick my lips then lift his cock in my hand, gaining easy access to his dribbling head. Leaning forward, I open my hungry mouth and wrap my lips around his swollen knob, sliding his head all the way in, gobbling up his precum. I glide my talented tongue along his head, suckling him, milking out as much nectar as I can. Satisfied I'd cleaned it all up, I slipped his cock deeper into my mouth, working my lips over his rigid shaft, his cock disappearing further and further into my cum-canal. I bob up and down on his thick cock, licking my tongue all over the underside of his delicious rod, wanting to devour every last little bit. His hips are developing a mind of their own. He wants to fuck my mouth so bad...but sooo good. I smile around his meat, savoring the taste of his hot cock in my eager mouth. I pull back for a second and lift his cock up, placing my lips under his cock, sucking at the flesh and sliding all the way to the tip, my tongue flicking out to taste him. I place my hands on his hips and engulf him once more. Only this time, I do what I love most...I take him deeper, deeper...until his pulsing knob bottoms out at the back. I relax my muscles, opening myself up to his gorgeous cock. I push forward some more, his cockhead pushing into my tight throat. His length is almost too much, but I manage to slide him all the way in. He groans and grips my shoulders tighter...probably going to leave bruises. He looks at me, amazed I could take his long, thick cock all the way into my cock-gobbling throat. I pull back again, his prick easing out...only to do it all over again. Up and down, deep and hard, I let his cock ram into my throat, loving every single bit of it.

I slow down, and eventually pull him out of my mouth. He looks at me, a little frustrated I stopped. I just grin again and stand back up, brushing the sand and leaves off my sore knees. I wrap my left hand around his sensitive cock, whispering into his ear "I want you to fuck me, long and hard over this rock, pounding my tight ass with your gorgeous cock." I can feel him jerk in my hand, and I take it as a sign of agreement. I slowly pull him away from the boulder and quickly pull off my jeans and underwear, my straining dick slapping against my stomach as it's finally let free. I turn to face the boulder, laying my jeans over the edge of it to protect my cock and lean forward, my torso splayed over it, ass posed and ready for a good ramming. I look back at him, begging him with my eyes for him to shove his fuck-monster deep inside me. He steps up to my ass, slapping his juicy cockhead against my cheeks, smearing precum all over my skin. I squirm, trying so hard not to beg to have him inside me. His hands grasp my hips roughly, pushing me hard against the rock, my chest scraping against the hard surface. I moan, loving the feel of rough stone marking my skin. He lines up behind me, hard cock at the ready. At the last second, I remember I have some lube in my little bag of "biking essentials". I tell him to go grab it so we can get the most pleasure we can out of this fucking session. He returns with lube in hand, squirting it over his bobbing cock, using his hand to smear it along his full length. Slicked up and ready to go, he teases my tight hole with his finger a bit, the extra lube sliding over me. I groan incoherently, swearing a bit. I look back at him and tell him to just fuck me already.

Convinced I am ready to take him, he lines his big cock up, pushing his head against my little opening. He pushes forward harder...his cockhead slips inside, and I bite down on my forearm to keep from groaning too loudly. God he feels so good inside my tight channel. Thrusting his hips, inch after inch slides inside, stretching my hot hole, and driving me insane. I look back at him, hoping to signal that he can fill me completely without having to worry, he just smiles brightly back at me and pushes roughly forward, every last inch ramming inside. I gasp, bumping into the boulder as the force drives my hips ahead. I bite down on my arm again, silencing my moans of pleasure. He pulls his delicious prick out...and slams it back in. He's so big, filling my ass almost beyond capacity, stretching me wide open. He works up a rhythm, gliding out, then driving back into me, bottoming out inside my aching ass. He fucks me hard, up against this boulder, my hips bruising from the impact of each thrust, my pulsing cock bumping over my jeans on the rock. His balls are slapping against my ass as he pounds into me. They're so swollen and full of sticky, delicious cum. Pounding, thrusting, ramming...his cock is deep inside me, splitting me apart, and I love it; I am so fucking hard, my precum dribbling out all over, landing on the jeans beneath me. He's moaning and groaning, ready to cum for me. I grip his ass with right hand and turn to look at him. "I want to swallow all your tasty cum. I want every last drop down my throat as I guzzle it down." He pulls out of me, and I twist around, kneeling underneath his soon to be cum-blasting cock.

I grab his cock and thrust it inside my mouth, licking and sucking on his delicious head, swirling my tongue around it, then pushing forward until his cock is deep inside my cum-loving mouth. He grabs the back of my head, my hands on his hips, and he thrusts forward, his fat cock bombarding my throat. I move one hand down to his balls, tickling them with the pads of my fingers, encouraging his raging cum to overflow inside me. He fucks my throat for a couple more seconds, battering it with his cock, as I pump my own cock in my hand, ready to cum all over the sand. I moan uncontrollably as his delectable juice begins to blast out of his ramming cock, spraying his load in my mouth and throat as I suck him dry for every last drop. I am cumming, dropping my jizz all over the sand, down my thighs, and in my milking fist. I swallow everything he has to give, my cock giving all I have to give, and finally I pull back and look up at him. We both smile, and I lick my lips...making his smile even bigger.
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